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Past Workshops Include


June 11 / Natural Fabric Dyeing Workshop at All Aspects at the Barn in Mt. Bethel, PA: A guided workshop walking through the elements & steps to natural dye techniques using fresh & dried flowers. Design your own one-of-a-kind bandana

April 22nd / Earth Day Natural Fabric Dyeing Workshop at Coven Coffee in Delaware Water Gap: A guided workshop focused on natural dye techniques using plants, flowers, fruits & vegetables. Design your own one-of-a-kind bandana


June 18th / Summer Solstice Plant Walk: A guided plant walk followed by medicinal & culinary herb tasting & hands-on skill-share at The Hempstead Farm
September 18th / How The Harvest Heals: Autumn Equinox Herbal Remedies Workshop, hands-on medicine making: Fire Cider and Japanese Knotweed Tincture at The Hempstead Farm
October 18 / How To Make Your Own Herbal Salves: Hands-on and make-along virtual class making an herbal infused oil and using that oil to make your own salve
October 29th / To Dye For Natural Dye Workshop: An afternoon of natural dyeing with flowers, leaves and indigo at The Hempstead Farm
Katie leads a plant walk with Eric Titus White at The Hempstead Farm